Failed WOF/COF Repair in South, East, and West Auckland

Rust can be a headache. It always has a reason why it started rusting. At Maxi panel and paint. We will investigate the reason which causes rust and fixes it. This will avoid it from rusting again soon.

However, rust repair cannot be warranted. Sometimes it may be the factory design fault which causes the water to be trapped at certain spots. We can only try our best.

Rust Repair Services Auckland

Did your car fail its WOF or COF inspection because of rust? Does your car not have enough underbody rust protection, exposing it to the Auckland elements? We can help at Maxi Paint & Panel.

We offer effective rust repair services through east, south, and west Auckland, ensuring your car gets its WOF certificate. We also offer underbody rust protection services to our Auckland customers, preventing problems from occurring in the first place.

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